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Employment Practice Liability Insurance

At some point or another, every small business and large corporations will require the services of employees. Extra hands are needed to complete the job, especially as you scale up and expand your business. This brings about the employee-to-employer relationship that exists within the employment contract of a business or organization.

How Can Employee Claims Affect Your Business?

This engagement runs smoothly as the employees buy into the vision of the insurance company and work hard to achieve the company’s goal alongside the employer. In other cases, this engagement can run sour and develop into a case the employer would have to deal with legally for punitive damages.

Cases of employment related issues such as this run into losses for the business, regardless of which side they fall on. Small businesses and large corporations especially lose a lot when employees say they not only have talents leave the organization but also leave on legal grounds that require payment of punitive damages by the employer.

Protect Your Business from Employee Related Claims

Most insurance coverage deals with the business, private companies, its properties, private companies it is connected with, and other third-party entities. None of which happen to cover internal workforce-related issues such as employee and employment practices liability EPL insurance coverage and insurance coverage and related claims.

Here is an example of where employment related issues and employment practices liability EPL insurance coverage and insurance coverage come into play. As a business owner, understanding the employee-employer relationship and what employment, EPLI coverage and related claims, and employment practice liability epl insurance, the policy can do for your business is essential to the sustainability and scalability of your company.

What is an Employment Practices Liability Coverage?

Employment practices Liability Insurance

We have heard of claims made by third parties against employers within a business or commercial entity, but what about claims made internally against an employer by an employee within the same organization?

Employee practices liability claims are insurance coverage employers provide to protect them and their businesses from any damages related to employee claims. In situations like this, employers rarely see a court case coming, meaning the business needs to be financially prepared to take on such a claim.

These employee claims could include wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, workplace violence sexual harassment, sexual harassment, etc. Whether or not your commercial business is guilty of wrongful termination or other employment related claims, without coverage, your business is bound to suffer to some extent from the employee liability claims.

Protect Your Business From Employee Claims (Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, etc.)

Employment practices Liability Insurance

If an employee disputes their employer is being sued and found guilty of the wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or discrimination claims made basis them, then the employee will be owed certain employee benefits by the business, which in turn translates into higher legal defense costs.

Employment liability claims are not restricted to small businesses alone. They are even more critical for small businesses and companies that are gradually scaling up, hiring, and trying to make the best use of available capital. At Griffith E Harris Insurance Services, we have an expert team on the ground and are available to help you put together an employment practices liability claim protection policy.

Who is employment practices liability insurance for?

Employer practices liability insurance is for everyone and will protect anyone whose businesses engage in employment laws with employees insured persons within the organization bound by such employment laws, law, or other such employment law, employment act, or employment contract therein.

This insurance coverage protects you and your business from discrimination and wrongful termination from the moment the first employment law or employment act of discrimination within the coverage period, begins until the end. This protection means that whatever claims are made by employees within that period, you are protected and covered with no incurred costs to your business or entity.

Get the Legal and Financial Support you Need

Employment practices Liability Insurance

As a business owner, employee liability claims can translate from a claim to a lawsuit quickly, so having an insurance company with expert hands on the ground to assist and cater to the whole incident is critical. This way, for example, you get to focus on risk management and the proper running risk management of your business while your insurance service provider handles all of the nitty-gritty for you.

Often, small businesses and employers need to employ the proper employment laws, practices, laws, and systems and employ a crisis management program to resolve employee disputes before they translate into lawsuits. Dealing employee lawsuits with reduced staffing coupled defense costs along with hiring the limited staff available would give your business a hard time during the period of the first employment practices liability coverage and discrimination claim.

Lower Cost of Employee Practices Liability Insurance EPLI Coverage

Furthermore, the cost of employee employment practices liability coverage and discrimination claims could range from a few hundred to well over thousands of dollars, damaging not only the business’s finances but also its reputation. Employment practices liability and discrimination insurance coverage are just what you need to cover these expenses and protect your business from unexpected legal costs too.

Protect your firm, company, or business today for the cost of protection from employee discrimination-related claims with our own, employment related claims, law, and practices liability insurance services.

Professional liability insurance vs. employment practices liability

While we offer both employment practices liability insurance services, it is essential to let you know they are different.

Professional liability insurance is an insurance service that protects you or your insurance company from legal costs for client-based claims based on acts of negligence while carrying out the duties of your profession.

This coverage is between the business owner or service provider and third-party insured persons or clients. Employee practices liability insurance, on the other hand, concerns employer, employee benefits, and the damages related to employee lawsuits and claims made basis regularly.

Griffith E Harris Insurance Services: Great Employer Practices Liability Insurance Service Provider

Practices Liability Insurance EPLI

Generally, when dealing with employment practices liability claims and lawsuits from employees, SMEs rarely have the resources or capital to manage the loss of hiring an employee, coupled with the legal claims and lawsuit costs, employee replacement cost, and recruitment plans, while keeping their business running optimally.

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