The 5 Best Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies Compared

Discover the 5 best insurance companies for medical malpractice. Compare top providers, coverage options, and customer satisfaction.


When it comes to insurance companies medical malpractice, choosing the right insurer can make all the difference. Whether you’re a physician, nurse, or healthcare provider, having the right medical malpractice insurance is crucial. This type of insurance offers protection against claims of negligence or malpractice, which can be both financially and emotionally draining.

Below is a quick list to give you a head start on your search:

  • Proliability: Best overall
  • Nurses Service Organization (NSO): Best for nurses
  • Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO): Best for therapists
  • MedPro Group: Financial strength
  • The Doctors Company: Physician-owned

Selecting the right insurer isn’t just about finding the lowest rate. It’s about understanding the “guts” of the policy. Key features to consider include defense costs, coverage triggers, and consent to settle. Understanding these elements can be daunting, which is why many healthcare professionals opt to work with specialized malpractice insurance brokers.

Choosing a reputable provider ensures you’re adequately protected when you need it most. Throughout this article, we’ll break down the top 5 medical malpractice insurance companies to help you make an informed decision.

Infographic: Top 5 Medical Malpractice Insurance Companies

1. Proliability

When it comes to medical malpractice insurance, Proliability stands out as the best overall choice. This company has been serving clients since 1949 and is powered by Mercer Health & Benefits Administration, which has an A-rating from AM Best. Proliability’s long-standing reputation and extensive experience make it a reliable option for healthcare professionals across various specialties.

Coverage Options

Proliability offers a range of coverage options to suit different needs. You can choose between claims-made or occurrence-based coverage, making it flexible depending on your situation. The standard per occurrence limit of liability is $1 million, but you can opt for coverage up to $5 million. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor your policy to meet your specific requirements.

Additionally, Proliability provides group protection, so you can get coverage for legal entities, ancillary professionals, and other employees. This makes it an excellent choice for both individual practitioners and larger healthcare organizations.

Customer Service

Customer service is another area where Proliability excels. The company offers premium discounts if you’re a member of professional associations like the American Association of Nurse Practitioners or the American Speech–Language–Hearing Association. This can significantly lower your premium, making your insurance policy more affordable.

Moreover, Proliability offers coverage options for students. If you’re a student doing clinical work, you can get student malpractice insurance for as little as $30 per month. This makes it easier for those just starting their careers to get the protection they need without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Proliability?

  • Wide Range of Industries: Proliability serves multiple industries, including healthcare workers and business professionals.
  • Flexible Coverage Limits: Choose from $1 million to $5 million in coverage.
  • Discounts for Professional Associations: Lower your premium if you’re a member of certain associations.
  • Student Coverage: Affordable options for students in clinical work.

Proliability’s combination of comprehensive coverage options and excellent customer service makes it the best overall choice for medical malpractice insurance.

Medical malpractice insurance - insurance companies medical malpractice

2. Nurses Service Organization (NSO)

The Nurses Service Organization (NSO) is the top choice for nurses seeking medical malpractice insurance. With over 40 years of experience, NSO specializes in providing comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique risks faced by nurses. They serve over 500,000 nurses across the United States, making them the largest provider of nursing malpractice insurance.

Why Choose NSO?

  • High Coverage Limits: NSO policies offer up to $1 million per incident and $6 million in annual aggregate coverage. This high limit ensures that nurses are well-protected against severe claims.
  • Specialized for Nurses: By focusing exclusively on nurses, NSO can keep costs down while addressing the specific risks of the profession. This specialization results in affordable premiums and coverage that truly meets the needs of nurses.
  • Customer Satisfaction: NSO’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their long-standing reputation. The policies are underwritten by the American Casualty Company of Reading, Pennsylvania, which holds an “A” rating from AM Best, ensuring financial stability and reliability.

Additional Benefits

  • License Protection: Up to $25,000 in coverage to protect your nursing license against disciplinary actions.
  • First Aid Expenses: Coverage includes up to $10,000 for first aid expenses, which can be crucial in emergency situations.
  • Discounts for Recent Graduates: New nursing graduates can receive up to 50% off their policy, making it easier to start their careers with adequate protection.

For nurses, NSO’s specialized focus, high coverage limits, and excellent customer service make it the best choice for medical malpractice insurance. Their policies are designed to provide peace of mind, knowing that you are covered in the event of a malpractice claim.

Nurses Service Organization

Next, we’ll look at the best option for therapists in need of reliable malpractice insurance.

3. Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO)

If you’re a therapist, finding the right medical malpractice insurance is crucial. The Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) stands out as the best option for therapists, offering specialized coverage tailored to their unique needs.

Best for Therapists

Therapists often face unique risks, whether working in an office setting or providing telemedicine services. HPSO understands these challenges and offers comprehensive policies that address them. With over 96,000 counselors insured nationwide, HPSO has a proven track record of reliability and expertise.

Occurrence-Form Policies

One of the standout features of HPSO is their occurrence-form policies. This type of policy covers incidents that occur during the policy period, regardless of when the claim is filed. This is particularly beneficial for therapists who might face claims long after the actual incident. With occurrence-form policies, you don’t need to worry about purchasing tail coverage when you switch jobs or retire.

Affordable Rates

Cost is always a concern, and HPSO offers affordable rates without sacrificing coverage. Premiums depend on your location and the amount of coverage needed, but HPSO provides multiple discounts to help lower costs. For instance, you can qualify for discounts if you complete risk management courses or if you are a member of certain professional associations.

Comprehensive Coverage

HPSO’s professional liability policies for therapists cover up to $1 million per claim and up to $3 million in annual aggregate. The policies also include:

  • License Protection: Up to $25,000 for legal representation if your license is at risk.
  • Deposition Representation: Coverage for legal fees if you are called to testify in a lawsuit.
  • Personal Liability Protection: Coverage for incidents that occur outside of your professional services.
  • Medical Payments: Up to $10,000 for first aid expenses arising from a covered incident.


Another significant advantage is the portability of HPSO policies. If you change jobs, your coverage goes with you. This flexibility ensures that you are always protected, no matter where your career takes you.

For therapists, HPSO’s combination of specialized coverage, occurrence-form policies, and affordable rates makes it the best choice for medical malpractice insurance. Their comprehensive policies and commitment to meeting the unique needs of therapists provide peace of mind and reliable protection.

Therapists working with patients - insurance companies medical malpractice

Next, we’ll explore a top choice for medical professionals looking for a carrier with strong financial backing and a rich history.

4. MedPro Group

MedPro Group stands out in medical malpractice insurance for several reasons, but its financial strength and long history are at the top of the list.

Founded in 1899, MedPro Group is the oldest medical malpractice insurance carrier in the United States. This longevity speaks volumes about their stability and expertise in the field. Over the years, they have built a reputation for reliability and comprehensive coverage, making them a trusted choice for healthcare providers across the nation.

One of the key factors contributing to MedPro Group’s strength is its association with Berkshire Hathaway, the multinational conglomerate led by Warren Buffett. Being part of Berkshire Hathaway, known for its prudent investing and robust financial health, provides MedPro with unparalleled financial backing. This association ensures that MedPro has the resources to cover claims and support its policyholders, even in challenging times.

MedPro Group’s financial stability is reflected in its A++ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, the highest rating possible. This rating indicates that MedPro has a superior ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations, offering peace of mind to its insureds.

In addition to its financial strength, MedPro Group has a rich history of acquisitions, enhancing its market presence and service offerings. Notably, it acquired Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC), New York’s largest carrier, in 2018. This acquisition expanded MedPro’s reach and solidified its position as a leading provider in several key states, including New York, Texas, and Ohio.

For medical professionals seeking a carrier with a strong financial foundation and a proven track record, MedPro Group is an excellent choice. Their long history, backed by the financial might of Berkshire Hathaway, ensures that they can provide reliable coverage and support to healthcare providers when it’s needed most.

Next, let’s dive into another top contender in the medical malpractice insurance market, known for being physician-owned and offering extensive coverage options.

5. The Doctors Company

The Doctors Company stands out as a unique choice among insurance companies medical malpractice providers. Founded during the California medical malpractice crisis of the 1970s, it has grown to become the largest physician-owned malpractice insurance carrier in the U.S.


One of the key benefits of The Doctors Company is that it is physician-owned. This means that the company is run by doctors, for doctors. The understanding of medical practice from an insider’s perspective ensures that policies and services are tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers.

Loyalty Program: The Tribute Plan

The Doctors Company offers a loyalty program called The Tribute Plan. This program rewards members for their loyalty and good practices. Physicians can earn significant financial rewards through this plan, which can be a compelling reason to choose this carrier over others.

Extensive Coverage

The Doctors Company provides extensive coverage options, making it a versatile choice for healthcare providers. From general practitioners to specialists, the company offers tailored policies that address the specific risks associated with different medical fields.

Additionally, The Doctors Company is the leading medical malpractice insurance carrier in several states, including California, Florida, and Virginia. Their wide reach and deep understanding of regional laws and regulations make them a reliable partner.

Financial Strength

With over $4.5 billion in assets and an “A” (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, The Doctors Company is financially robust. This financial strength ensures that they can provide reliable coverage and payouts when claims arise.

Real-World Impact

In 2019, The Doctors Company acquired the Hospital Insurance Company (HIC) and FOJP, significantly expanding their membership to over 82,000 members. This acquisition is a testament to their growth and commitment to serving the medical community.

For physicians seeking a carrier that understands their unique needs and offers comprehensive coverage options, The Doctors Company is an excellent choice. Their physician-owned model, loyalty rewards, and extensive coverage make them a top contender in the medical malpractice insurance market.

Next, let’s address some frequently asked questions about insurance companies medical malpractice to help clarify common concerns and queries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance Companies Medical Malpractice

What is medical malpractice insurance?

Medical malpractice insurance is a type of professional liability insurance. It protects healthcare providers from legal liability and financial losses if they are sued for negligence or malpractice. This insurance covers the costs associated with defending lawsuits and any settlements or judgments.

Malpractice insurance is crucial for healthcare providers. Without it, a single lawsuit could lead to significant financial strain or even bankruptcy. It helps ensure that professionals can continue to practice without the constant fear of legal repercussions.

Who pays the highest malpractice insurance premiums?

Some medical specialties have higher malpractice insurance premiums due to the inherent risks involved. For example:

  • Obstetricians/Gynecologists (OB-GYNs): They often face high premiums because their work involves high-stakes situations, like childbirth, where complications can lead to severe outcomes.

  • Neurosurgeons: The complexity and risks associated with brain surgeries make them highly susceptible to malpractice claims, leading to higher premiums.

  • Emergency Room (ER) Doctors: They work in high-pressure environments where quick decisions are crucial, increasing the risk of errors and, consequently, higher premiums.

Which state has the highest medical malpractice premiums?

New York is known for having some of the highest medical malpractice premiums in the United States. For instance, in 2018, an OB-GYN in New York could expect to pay around $214,999 per year for a $1 million/$3 million policy. This is significantly higher compared to other states like California, where the same policy might cost about $49,804 annually.

Several factors contribute to these high premiums:

  • State Laws: New York has laws that allow for high-dollar settlements and judgments, making it a more litigious environment.

  • Statute of Limitations: Changes in laws that extend the time frame for filing lawsuits can lead to more claims, increasing the overall risk for insurers.

Understanding these factors helps healthcare providers make informed decisions about where to practice and how much coverage they need.

Next, let’s address some frequently asked questions about insurance companies medical malpractice to help clarify common concerns and queries.


Choosing the right medical malpractice insurance provider is crucial for protecting your professional reputation and personal assets. The insurance landscape can be complex, with various options and coverage features to consider. This is where Griffith & Harris comes in.

Why Choose Griffith & Harris?

At Griffith & Harris, we understand that insurance is more than just a policy—it’s a relationship. With over 75 years of experience, our team of knowledgeable industry veterans is committed to providing personal service with integrity. We tailor our insurance programs to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring all elements of risk and exposure are addressed.

Making the Right Choice

Selecting the right insurance provider can be daunting. Factors like coverage options, financial strength, and customer service are critical. We recommend starting with highly-rated companies such as MedPro Group and The Doctors Company. These providers offer robust coverage options and have a strong financial foundation, making them reliable choices.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the best medical malpractice insurance provider for you will depend on your specific needs, specialty, and risk factors. We encourage you to reach out to us at Griffith & Harris for a free consultation. Our expertise can help you navigate the complexities of medical malpractice insurance, ensuring you get the coverage you need at a rate you can afford.

For more information and personalized assistance, visit our Medical Practice Insurance page.

By choosing Griffith & Harris, you are opting for a partner dedicated to safeguarding your career and legacy. Let us help you make an informed decision that will provide peace of mind for years to come.

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